For Small Business & Home


We have been providing technology solutions for home and small business, since 2003. We are focused on providing complete systems, that are high quality and reliable, providing all your computing, technology, work or media requirements.
We work with you to create the right solution based on your requirements, from basic easy to use solutions, or more advanced systems using the latest technology.
Once installed we provide ongoing support, assistance, upgrades and migrations, many of our customers have been using My Home Office for many years, we are focused on developing long term relationships with all customer, suppliers and partners.
Here are some of our most popular solutions.

Wireless Solutions
Wireless Solutions

We have been installing Wireless solutions since 2003, We can improve or upgrade WiFi for better signal around your home, if you have multiple devices or users trying to access the same connection, here you will find some solutions to help. Find out more.

Installation & Migration Services - PC, Mac, Server, iPhone, Email, Cloud Services


We can help with all of your technology, From Pc's, Mac, Servers, iPhone, Networks, Wireless, email, Cloud Services, to custom home or office networks and wireless for larger homes.

We offer a range of fixed price or hourly installation services.

  • Save time and hassle and get everything set up right the first time.
  • We can tackle custom or more complex installations.
  • Get training and help or advice.
  • No Contract or Registration Fees
  • Simple Hourly pricing

Contact us to book an installation in your home or office at a time that's convenient for you, evening appointments are also available on request. Find out more

Office 365 Solutions

Office 365
Improving productivity, getting better access to shared email and calendar, or improving collaboration, you will find the answers here. Find out more.

Small Business Solutions
Small Business

We have been helping local businesses since 2003, find out how we can help your business. Find out more.

Home Office Solutions
Home Office

Nobody comes close to our range and expertise in Home Office Solutions, we have provided hundreds of solutions and should have the answers you need. Find our more.

Health Checks - Remote or On Site
Health Check

Keeping your systems running efficiently save costs in the long run and minimises disruption or the risk of losing data, check out our options. Find out more.


Wireless Solutions

We have been helping businesses successfully implement working from home solutions since 2003, we have lots of experience and knowledge of what works well and how to create solutions that work for employees and management.



Here are some ideas to get your started, but feel free to email or contact us to help you work out the best options for your business or home.